How Our Firm Will Handle Your Personal Injury Case

To make sure that does not happen, let’s talk about the following when you call me
1-800-CAR CRASH / 1-800-227-2727

First, it’s important to make sure that everything is documented at this very early
stage. So, give me pictures of your injuries (do it NOW while your cuts and bruises
are still fresh…it gives a better impression of just how serious your accident was.)

Second, show me the records from the hospital (if you went to one) if you didn’t, no
worries, you may still have a case.

Third, tell me what the other driver (or witnesses) said at the accident scene. That
could be used as an “admission of guilt” later, if you file a lawsuit or if I try to settle
the case. (It could be the winning key in your case!)

Fourth, if you hire me, I may have my investigator go back to the scene of the
accident and take pictures of the street, talk to other people who may have seen the
accident and make sure we have what we need to go after the responsible party.

  • FAQ from our Avvo Profile