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– By David Gialanella

Nesheiwat v.A.Duie Pyle: A man injured when a guy Wire from a downed utility Pole crashed onto the roof of  His pickup truck settled his suit for $750,000. On April 10, 2007, Bassam Nesheiwat was in an East Brunswick parking lot when a semitrailer hit overhead utility   wires. Two supporting utility poles fell, and a high-tension guy wire, which supported one of the poles, hit Nesheiwat’s truck, says Steven Haddad, who heads a firm in Jersey City. Nesheiwat suffered spine injuries, and underwent a cervical fusion and herniated disc surgery. He sued the semi-trailers owner, A Duie  Pyle of West Chester Mass., for negligence and Public  Service Electric & Gas Co. and Verizon, alleging the wires were too low. Under the March 31 settlement, Verizon will pay $450,000, PSE&G $250,000 and A. Duie Pyle $50,000.     Verison’c counsel Edward Florio of Florio & Kenny in Hoboken, confirms the settlement A. Duie Pyle, claming comment. A. Duie Pyle, claming comparative negligence, also asserted that the wires were too low, sats its lawyer, Frances Wang Deveney of  Marks, O’Neill, O’Brien & Courtney in Pennsauken. William Frese of Newark who represented PSE&G, did Not return a call. 

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