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New Jersey Transit Train Derails at Penn Station, Injuring Passengers

Earlier today, a New Jersey Transit train derailed in Penn Station causing injuries to at least five passengers. This train accident is the second derailment to occur in Penn Station over the past two weeks. On March 24, a slow-moving Amtrak train derailed and struck a New Jersey Transit train, causing injuries.The train that derailed this morning had originated in Trenton and travelled along t…

JUSTICE DELIVERED: Attorney Steven Haddad Secures $3.25 Million Settlement on Behalf of Burn Victim

Earlier this week, Attorney Steven Haddad obtained a $3.25 million settlement on behalf of a young girl who suffered second and third degree burns when an in-home health care aide placed the girl, who was 18-months old at the time, in a bathtub full of scalding hot water.Employed by a large home health care company in New Jersey, the nurse was subsequently charged with aggravated assault,…

Federal Agencies Launch Road to Zero Coalition to End Traffic Fatalities

Last month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) announced a bold new initiative to put an end to fatal traffic accidents in America. Dubbed the Road to Zero Coalition, multiple federal agencies will work together in an effort to reduce the number of roadway deaths to zero.The NHTSA’s announcement comes at a time when fatal car accidents are increasing at the highest…

UPDATE: New Jersey Transit Was Under Investigation Prior to Hoboken Crash, Train Lacked Critical Safety Technology

In the aftermath of the Hoboken train crash, which killed a woman standing on the platform and injured more than 100 passengers, multiple news agencies are reporting that New Jersey Transit was under investigation by the Federal Railroad Administration prior to the accident.  In addition, it has been reported that New Jersey Transit trains lack a critical safety technology called Positive Train…

New Jersey Transit Train Accident Injures Over 100 People

At approximately 8:45 this morning, a New Jersey Transit train failed to stop at the Hoboken Terminal,  slammed into the station and killing a woman who was standing on the platform. At this time, it is believed that at least 100 passengers on the train have suffered injuries.

An eyewitness stated that the train appeared to be travelling at a high rate of speed when it crashed into t…

Haddad Law Obtains $7 Million Jury Verdict for Motorcyclist Injured by Drag Racer

Today, a Middlesex County jury awarded $7 million to a motorcyclist who was severely injured when he was struck by a car that was drag racing at an industrial park in Edison.

As a result of the accident, the driver of the motorcycle lost his right arm and right leg, underwent numerous surgical procedures, and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

The accident occurred, in part, because of t…

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Nesheiwat v.A.Duie Pyle: A man injured when a guy Wire from a downed utility Pole crashed onto the roof of  His pickup truck settled his suit for $750,000. On April 10, 2007, Bassam Nesheiwat was in an East Brunswick parking lot when a semitrailer hit overhead utility   wires. Two supporting utility poles fell, and a high-tension guy wire, which supported on…

Disabled DWI victim awarded a million plus


Nearly five years after a drunken ran into him outside his Bayonne home, Mossad A. Nour 44 is at least one million dollars richer. But the money hardly compensates for the change of life the former body builder has had to endure Nour and his attorney said last week.
Hudson County Superior.

Court several years ago, the driver admitted liability and A…

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