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    Haddad law

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    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Common Questions and Answers

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  • Personal Injury – slide 1
    Personal Injury

    It’s important that you act fast after an acciden

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    Spinal Cord Injury

    We are aggressive advocates for victims who have experienced severe injuries and especially spinal cord injuries.

  • Product liability
    Product liability

    governs the liability of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and vendors for damages caused by dangerous or defective products.

  • Nursing Home Neglect
    Nursing Home Neglect

    Whether it is a single incident that causes injury or recurrent neglect or abuse

  • Workers Compensation
    Workers’ Compensation

    Workers’ Compensation covers the injuries when a minor is hurt in an on-the-job accident.

  • Burn Injury
    Burn Injury

    Our firm has handled a wide variety of burn and electrical injury cases

  • Tractor Trailer Accidents
    Tractor Trailer Accidents

    Tractor Trailer Accidents are very serious in nature and usually result in life threatening injuries (or sometimes wrongful death) for individuals who have been these accidents.

  • Construction Accidents
    Construction Accidents

    A large part of construction law involves injuries while on the job. There are proactive and reactive laws that can help you with knowing what to do to prevent an accident and what to do after an accident.

  • Wrongful death
    Wrongful death

    There is perhaps no worse tragedy than losing a loved one due to injury or accident. The loss is made even greater if the death was due to someone else’s mistake.

  • Jersey City
    618 Newark Avenue, Suite 101 Jersey City, N.J. 07306

    Phone: (201) 798-3200 Fax: 201 798 3324

  • Edison
    510 Thornall Street Suite 270 Edison, NJ 08837

    Phone: (732) 933-3535 Fax: (732) 933-3536

  • Clifton
    1308 Main Avenue Clifton, N.J. 07011

    Phone: (973) 546-3200 Fax (973) 546-3234

  • Red Bank
    125 Half Mile Rd, Suite 200, Red Bank, NJ 07701

    Phone: (732) 933-3535 Fax: (732) 933-3536

  • Newark
    One Gateway Center Suite 2600 Newark, NJ 07102

    (973) 546-3200 By appointment only

  • Lakewood
    216 River Avenue Lakewood, NJ 08701

    Phone: (732) 933-3535 Fax: (732) 933-3536

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We are committed to providing a superior level of client service, which means we respond promptly and thoroughly to all inquiries. We know how important your legal problem is to you, and it is just as important to us. Contact us anytime to ask a question or schedule a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your case. You can reach us by telephone, email, or by filling out and sending the short form

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