Attorney Rips Delay Tactics of Greedy Insurers

(Edison, NJ) A Middlesex County Jury yesterday awarded a Perth Amboy truck driver more than $3 million in a case that the plaintiff’s attorney says is a wakeup call for arrogant auto insurers.

The attorney Steven Haddad of Edison, secured a $3 million verdict for his client Cristian Angeles who was in an auto accident case that occurred in 2011. Angeles’ Honda Civic was broadsided at the intersection of Donald Avenue and Harington Street and his car was driven into a fence. Angeles complained of back pain and later was diagnosed with three herniated discs in his lower back and his neck. He endured three epidural injections, which provided little relief. A physician testified that Angeles will suffer back pain for the rest of his life.

For Angeles, 38, the father of four, his injuries mean he will no longer be able to work as a long haul truck driver and his income potential will be significantly reduced.

Haddad said the fact that the jury returned a unanimous verdict in the case and awarded his client $3 million plus interest demonstrates the ability of jurors to see through the delay tactics of insurance companies: in this case New Jersey Manufacturers.
“I hope this unanimous jury verdict sends a strong message to the multi-billion dollar insurance companies that their efforts to delay or derail payment to people who are seriously injured and entitled to compensation is not going to be tolerated by people — like the jury in this case – who see through the game the insurance companies are playing,” said Haddad, an attorney for 13 years.

“The business model that insurance companies operate under in New Jersey is obscene and exploitive, especially of low income, working people who often cannot wait four years to get a fair settlement on a case that impacts their future,” said Haddad, who also has an office in Jersey City.

“Fortunately in this case the jury was attentive to the details of the case and they assessed the evidence fairly and justly,” added Haddad.

Haddad said Mr. Angeles and his family had the wherewithal to ride out the case and get a fair judgment. “I’m happy for the Angeles family that they will now have a more secure future. But unfortunately their case is the exception. Many victims become exhausted by the drawn out process that insurance companies put them through and end up walking away with little of what they deserve,” added Haddad.