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New Jersey Transit Train Accident Injures Over 100 People

At approximately 8:45 this morning, a New Jersey Transit train failed to stop at the Hoboken Terminal,  slammed into the station and killing a woman who was standing on the platform. At this time, it is believed that at least 100 passengers on the train have suffered injuries.

An eyewitness stated that the train appeared to be travelling at a high rate of speed when it crashed into the terminal.

A New Jersey Transit spokesperson said that the train was travelling on the Pascack Valley Line and was coming from Spring Valley, New York.  The crash caused serious structural damage to the Hoboken Terminal.

The National Transportation Safety Board has launched an investigation into how the accident happened. This train crash is the second time in five years a New Jersey Transit train failed to stop at the Hoboken Terminal.

If you or a loved one has been injured in this morning’s accident, please call us at 201-798-3200 to learn about your legal rights and options. Our New Jersey Transit Train Accident Attorneys can help you understand the legal process and help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

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