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JUSTICE DELIVERED: Attorney Steven Haddad Secures $3.25 Million Settlement on Behalf of Burn Victim

Earlier this week, Attorney Steven Haddad obtained a $3.25 million settlement on behalf of a young girl who suffered second and third degree burns when an in-home health care aide placed the girl, who was 18-months old at the time, in a bathtub full of scalding hot water.

Employed by a large home health care company in New Jersey, the nurse was subsequently charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and child abuse.

Sadly, the entire incident could have been avoided. Just two days before the nurse burned the baby, the guardian of the child called the home health care company to inform them that the nurse was not providing the appropriate level of care and requested that the company send a different nurse to the house. The company ignored the women’s pleas and failed to provide the family with a new nurse.  

As a result of the company’s negligence, the 18-month old baby suffered second and third degree burns on nearly 20% of her body and has permanent scars on her legs and feet. 

A portion of the settlement proceeds will be used for the child’s anticipated future medical expenses. As a result of her injuries, the child will likely require multiple reconstructive surgeries and skin grafting procedures.

Attorney Steven Haddad filed a lawsuit against the home health care company, alleging that the nurse committed medical malpractice and acted negligently by burning the baby. 

For more information about the case, please see this report from ABC News.

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