$39,000,000 Verdict For Motorcycle Accident

A jury sitting in New Brunswick has awarded a man injured while riding his motorcycle in the Heller Industrial Park in Edison the sum of $39,000,000 for injuries sustained when he was struck by a vehicle engaged in illegal drag racing in the industrial park. Hussein Agiz, a resident of Piscataway, and 18 at the time of the accident, was nearly killed when a car driven by Jonathan Bonilla struck him on Saw Mill Pond Road in the industrial park. The jury found Heller Industrial Park Inc. 40% responsible for the accident, because they had failed to stop the drag racing, which had gone on in the industrial park for years. Mr. Agiz is currently a student at Rutgers in the Engineering School and hopes to graduate in 2018. The attorneys at The Haddad Law Firm represent clients throughout New York and New Jersey in a wide range of matters including personal injury, automobile accidents, brain injuries, medical malpractice and burn accidents.