$705,000 in Dram Shop in Monmouth

Russo Wells: A mother and daughter injured in a head on collision with a drunk en driver will receive at total of $705,000 from the driver, a bar and their own insurers In May 2011, Rosemarie Caruso, then 42, was driving on Adelphia-Farmingdale Road in Howell, with her child and mother, Marie Russo, 70, in the backseat, Russo then unbackled her safety belt to retrieve an item for the child at which time another motorist, Kevin Wells, from the opposite approached direction and attempted to turn ting the frona-driver’s left, side hit of Russo’s vehicke, said her law er, Steven Haddad, who heads an Edison fi Wells, then 28, of Howell had been drinking al Tom’s Tavers os Asbury Road isn Farmingdale, and his blood- akcohol content after the acci dent was 23. nearly three times the legal limit for driving, according to Haddad. le said Russo sustained a comminuted femur fracture, rib facture and other injuries, while Caruso sustained sof tissue injuries, sprains and a herniated disc. Caruso also claimed the collision aggravated prior back injuries. The seit asserted a dram claim against Tom’s Tavern shop and a negligence claim against Wells. A plaintiffs expert con ended that Wells even higher when BAC he was was served his to Haddad last drink, according The parties settled June during of a September mediation, Haddad saicd trial in advance date, 22 Tom’s Tavern, insured by Tower Insurance, agreed to pay $400,000. Wells, through High Point Insurance, paid $30.000. They plaintiffs also recovered $235,000 via Russo’s underinsured motorist cover age and $40,000 via Caruo’s underinsured motorist cover- age. Both those policies were through State Farm, according to Haddad Russo received $610,000, while Caruso received $95,000 he said Counsel for Tom’s Tavern, Dan Jahnsen of Bolan Jahnsen Dacey in Shrewsbury, didnt relurn a call secking comment Wells’counsel, Elaine of Debra Hart’s Morganville Brennan firm, coulda’t be reached