$825,000 for Auto Accident

Falcon v. Suburban Disposal Inc.: A Bayonne

man who hurt his back and neck when his car was struck by a garbage truck accepted $825,000 in his Hudson County suit on March 7.

According to his law- yer, Steven Haddad, Hector Falcon was double- parked on Packard Street in Bayonne on March 7, 2009, when a garbage truck owned by Suburban Disposal of Fairfield began backing up in his direction. Because the street was a dead end, trash collectors routinely backed

their truck onto the block before making pickups. The truck, operating at about 12 mph, backed into the front of Falcon’s car. He failed to sound his horn he tried for it but missed.

Further he had a cer- vical fusion and lumbar disectomy. Now 44, he is not able to return to work, Haddad says.

The defense contended Falcon was partly at fault for double-parking and that his symptoms were from pre-existing injuries, says Haddad. The parties settled just before mediation, he

sayslaw Suburban’s yer, Patrick Minter in of Graham Curtin Morristown, did not return a call. The defendant’s car-rier was Everest Insurance of Hamilton, Bermuda.

By Charles Toutant