Injured Motorcyclist Settles for $700K

Kerner v. Cook: A man who sustained a neck injury when his motorcycle collided with

a car settled his Monmouth County suit for $700,000 on Dec. 2, 2016.

In 2012. Eric Kerner was riding on East Front Street, in the left of three lanes, when a car driven in the middle lane by Matthew Cook turned left in front of Kerner after which the motorcycle struck the car, according to Kerner’s attorney, Steven Haddad of Haddad Law in Edison.

Kerner alleged he sustained a neck injury that required a one-level fusion procedure at the

cervical level, and claimed about $130,000 in medical expenses, Haddad said.

Cook stipulated liability but challenged causation, con- tending that the neck issue was pre-existing and age- related, according to Haddad. Kerner, now 57, settled just before trial. Cook was insured by Encompass, according to Haddad, who handled the matter with Nehal Modi of the same firm.

Cook was represented by Michael Fitzgerald, a Brielle solo. Fitzgerald didn’t return a call seeking comment on the case.

By David Gialanella