A Doctor's Mistake Could Be Deadly

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We trust doctors with our lives - quite literally. When something goes wrong, medical malpractice laws allow us to hold doctors and nurses accountable for their actions. If you want to file a medical malpractice claim, The Haddad Law Firm is here to help you. We offer legal representation for clients in the Hopelawn, Jersey City & Clifton, NJ area.

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Understanding medical malpractice

Understanding medical malpractice

A typo on your discharge papers might not qualify as a medical malpractice lawsuit, but a mistake on your prescription dosage could be. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are humans, too. However, their mistakes can lead to lifelong consequences for their patients.

Medical malpractice cases are often stemmed from...

  • Surgical errors. If a doctor makes a mistake during surgery, you could end up with long-term complications.
  • Birth injuries. A doctor's negligence during childbirth can cause harm to the child, the mother or both.
  • Prescription mistakes. It only takes one prescription error to cause significant harm (or death) for a patient.
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